Important Notice on the Adoption of Online Application Procedure for Health Declaration Certificate for Foreign Passengers

In order to reduce cross border transmission of COVID-19, started from 8 November, 2020, all Chinese and foreign passengers flying from Uganda to China have been required to take nucleic acid and IgM anti-body tests and then apply for green Health Codes with the 'HS' mark (for Chinese passengers) or certified Health Declaration Forms (for Foreign passengers) (Please refer to "Important Notice on Nucleic Acid and Anti-Body Tests 'Double Negative' Requirement for Chinese and Foreign Passengers Bound for China from Uganda" via for further information).


Previously, foreign passengers must email the scanned copies of their negative nucleic acid and IgM anti-body tests results along with their passport information page and the signed Health Declaration Form to designated email address of the concerned Chinese Embassy/Consulates to start the application procedure.


In order to further facilitate the application procedure for foreign passengers, starting from 0:00a.m. November 23rd 2020, foreign passengers who are to fly from Uganda to China will apply for Health Declaration Certificate online. Please note that the Chinese Embassy in Uganda will NO LONGER accept the application for Health Declaration Form via email, beginning at the same time of November 23rd.


The following are the specific procedures of the online application:


I. Visit the Health Declaration Certificate system (, please refer to Attachment 1) or scan the QR Code to access the log-in interface (please refer to Attachment 2).


II. Register an account for yourself with your own email address.


III. Fill in relevant information item by item.


IV. Upload your negative reports for nucleic acid test and IgM anti-body test, then submit for the verification of the Chinese Embassy in Uganda.


V. Upon successful verification by the Chinese Embassy in Uganda, passengers will then receive an electronic Health Declaration Certificate via the online system, which is a green QR code with a "HDC" mark (Please refer to Attachment 3).


VI. Similar online application procedure is applicable when you are applying for the Health Declaration Form in the country of transit. However, it is strongly advised that you visit the website of the concerned Chinese Embassy/Consulates in that particular transit country or consult them directly.


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