Wen Jiabao Holds Talks with Ugandan President Museveni

On June 23, 2006, Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council held talks with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni in Kampala.

Museveni said that China once assisted the Ugandan people in their struggle for national liberation. In its national development process since its independence, Uganda has also received help from China. The Ugandan people will remember that forever. They are delighted with China's outstanding achievements in development endeavor. Currently someone preached that China's development is a threat to Africa and it is aimed to grab resources in the continent. Uganda firmly believes that China's development is not a threat, but an opportunity that is conducive to peace and development of Uganda, Africa and the world at large. Uganda is a beneficiary of China's development. It hopes to strengthen cooperation with China in the areas of agriculture, transportation, IT, mineral exploitation, tourism and infrastructure.

Wen said that China-Uganda relations are established on the basis of mutual respect and support. Uganda offers China precious support in the latter's cause of safeguarding sovereignty and territorial integrity and striving for national reunification. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1962, bilateral relations have been developing steadily with closer bilateral political exchanges and cooperation in all areas growing continuously and both sides have conducted closer coordination in international affairs. As time goes by, the world situation and their respective domestic circumstances have undergone great changes, but bilateral friendship remains unchanged. The two countries have been and will continue to be sincere cooperative partners. China is willing to work with Uganda to push bilateral friendly relations and cooperation to a new level on the existing sound basis.

Wen noted that China attaches importance to developing bilateral economic and trade relations and stands for combining market operation with the guidance of the government with companies playing a major role to advance business cooperation. China has adopted and will continue to adopt a series of positive measures to increase import from Uganda. China encourages Chinese-funded companies to invest in Uganda and participate in Uganda's development in the areas of agriculture, water conservancy, transportation, communications and infrastructure. China stands ready to continue assisting Uganda to develop education and heath, including prevention and treatment of malaria and HIV/AIDS.

Wen said that Uganda is the last leg of his current African trip and this visit, though very shot, makes him deeply feel the profound friendship of the African people with the Chinese people. China-Africa relations remain firm due to their common historical fate and are full of vigor and vitality thanks to their common pursuit of peace and development. China-Africa ties that have withstood the test of time are unbreakable. The Chinese people will never forget old African friends. With its development, China will give more support and assistance to Africa. During his visit, Wen exchanged views and reached a range of important consensus in a sincere manner with leaders of the African countries on deepening bilateral relations and developing a new type of China-Africa strategic partnership, helping lay a basis for future progress of China-Africa ties. He was full of confidence about the future of bilateral relations, expressing his country's willingness to join hands with African nations to create a better future for China-Africa friendship and cooperation.

Following the talks, Wen and Museveni jointly attended the signing ceremony of the agreement on economic and technological cooperation between the two governments and other bilateral cooperation documents on such matters as donating anti-malaria medicines to Uganda and building agricultural demonstration centers and country schools in Uganda. The two countries also issued a joint communiqué.

On the same day, Premier Wen and President Museveni attended a get-together celebrating China-Uganda friendship and joined Ugandan friends from all walks of life in watching the performance of artists from the two countries.

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