Remarks at the Handover Ceremony of Vaccine Donation by the Chinese Government

By H.E. Zhang Lizhong, Ambassador 

People's Republic of China to the Republic of Uganda



Hon. Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, Minister of Health,

H.E. Dr. Mohamed El Munir A. Safieldin,

UNICEF Representative to Uganda;


Distinguished guests, Ladies and gentlemen,

All protocols observed.


Good morning!


I am delighted to attend today's handover ceremony of vaccines donated to Uganda from the Government of China. Along with Chinese donation of vaccines, vaccines donated by the Government of Norway and oxygen cylinders donated by UNICEF also arrived at the same time. This demonstrates the spirit of cooperation and solidarity of international community in fighting the pandemic.  

H.E. President Museveni has always stressed the vital importance of vaccines and inoculation in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. In this connection and in order to respond to the urgent needs of Uganda, H.E. Yang Jiechi, Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and Director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the CPC Central Committee, during his meeting with H.E. President Museveni on February 21 when he led a delegation to visit Uganda, pledged that China would donate a batch of 300,000 doses of vaccines to Uganda to help Uganda fight the pandemic.

Since then, relevant stakeholders, including government ministries, departments and agencies of China and Uganda, our two resident embassies, relevant companies and entities, and the WHO and UNICEF indeed, have been working very closely for the implementation of the donation, at times late into the night, or even round the clock, all for the pure aspiration of the health of the people.  Thanks to all your tireless efforts, cooperation and coordination, the 300,000 vaccines are here in Uganda, in the National Medical Stores, finally! As a following step, I am honored to hand over the batch of 300,000 vaccine donation from China to our brother Uganda, hoping these will play their roles in helping with the inoculation process of the general public to curb the spread of the pandemic at this critical momen

t when Uganda is implementing its vaccination plan.

At this important moment, I can not help thinking of how our two countries stand fast and firm together since the pandemic broke out. H.E. Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China and H.E. Yoweri Museveni, President of the Republic of Uganda have been exchanging messages of support and solidarity for each other and our two peoples. The two sides support each other within the best of our capability in masks, gloves and personal protection equipment and other materials. With the assistance of the Ugandan Government, we have completed the task of inoculation of the Chinese nationals living in Uganda with Chinese vaccines. I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to the Government of Uganda for all the facilitation and convenience accorded the Chinese side.


Ladies and gentlemen,

In his speech while attending Global Health Summit last May,  H. E. President Xi Jinping pointed out that "It is imperative for us to reject vaccine nationalism and find solutions to issues concerning the production capacity and distribution of vaccines, in order to make vaccines more accessible and affordable in developing countries." and that "Major vaccine-developing and producing countries need to take up their responsibility to provide more vaccines to developing countries in urgent need".


The pandemic continues to spread, continues to endanger the health and safety of the people, and has severely disrupted social and economic development. The pandemic is the common enemy and common challenge of the mankind. The virus knows no border. To bring pandemic under control requires unity, solidarity, cooperation and joint action by the global community, and rejects any attempt of politicization, labelling or stigmatization. We should put control and prevention of the pandemic as priority, in the meantime, make unremitting effort to recover the economy and safeguard the livelihood of the people. In this regard, China will always stand firmly with Uganda, and continue to lend our support. 


I thank you.

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