State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi Answers the Question on China-Africa Relations

State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi meets press on China's foreign policies and external relations on 8th March, 2019 at the press conference for the second session of the 13thNational People's Congress. The following is Wang Yi's response to the question raised by an African journalist on China-Africa relations.


Ghana Broadcasting Corporation: Many African countries seem to have increasingly recognized China's development model and become more active in the BRI, much more than countries in the West. Now what are China's ideas for further developing Sino-African relations?


Wang Yi: China and Africa have a long-standing friendship. We are good brothers whose destinies and fortunes are entwined. China's relationship with Africa is at the best it has ever been. China-Africa cooperation continues to be a pace-setter for the rest of the world.


After decades of diligent nurturing, the sapling of China-Africa cooperation has grown into a towering tree that no force can topple. Going forward, we will fully implement the eight major initiatives announced at last year's FOCAC Beijing Summit and continuously deepen our BRI cooperation. Seizing these two opportunities, we can build an even stronger China-Africa community with a shared future.


China-Africa cooperation is becoming more and more successful, and this brings some criticisms and smears. But there's deep mutual trust between our two sides, our friendship is time-tested and the fruits of our cooperation can be seen across the African continent. You may have noticed that some African leaders and individuals have come out against the ludicrous claim that China is setting up a "debt trap" or acting like a "neo-colonial power". It shows that such slanders have no audience in Africa.


China-Africa cooperation has always been open and inclusive. Africa's development requires more input from the international community. The exemplary effect of China-Africa cooperation can be leveraged to encourage more countries to give greater attention, weight and input to Africa. When all of us combine our strength, we can contribute more to peace and development in Africa.

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